Friday, September 24, 2010

Traveling to Canada

Canada is one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world. It has many interesting cities, like Toronto, North Vancouver, Montreal or Halifax. But also some of the most impressive nature, which is great for outdoor activities, like hiking, skiing, rafting and fishing.

Canada boasts a wide, diverse culture, which we celebrate with pride, and there is simply no way to see everything in one trip - or even in a lifetime. Full of surprises, Canada is simply the most astonishingly beautiful country in the world.

For those wanting to take advantage of the outdoors, best time is to visit in the summer. For those wanting to experience everything Canada has to offer, visit in the winter. Temperatures range from plus 40 C in summer to minus 40 C in the winter, so dress accordingly!

On East Canadian cruises discover the charm of the New England region, the excitement of Halifax, the classic architecture of French Quebec, the rugged natural beauty of Nova Scotia and the sights of Saint John.Autumn is generally held to be the best season in which to take Eastern Canadian cruises as it is at this time of year that colours are at their most vibrant. Those on an Eastern Canadian cruise will be able to enjoy dazzling sunsets on the shoreline in the evening and during the day watch the changing scarlet and russet foliage.

In autumn, temperatures can vary between three degrees Celsius and sixteen degrees Celsius and despite being northerly and on the coast, Eastern Canada's climate is comparable to that of northern Europe. While enjoying an Eastern Canadian cruise take a trip to the grand and yet charming port of Halifax, in Nova Scotia, which is full of quaint fishing villages and beautiful lighthouses. Visit Peggy's Cove, a working fishing village popular with artists and photographers. Peggy's Point Lighthouse is a classic red and white structure.

In French Quebec, head to Vieux-Qu├ębec - a city full of cobbled streets and old fashioned buildings and fortifications. Notre-Dame-des-Victoires, an old stone church is home to many works of art, having been rebuilt following fires twice.

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