Sunday, September 26, 2010

Olympic National Park in USA

Olympic National Monument was established in 1909 and up-graded to the status of national park in 1938. It was further designated as an International Biosphere Reserve in 1976, and evolved into a World Heritage Park in 1981. Currently, nearly 96% the Olympic National Park is incorporated into the Olympic Wilderness.

Phang-Nga Bay. Thailand Beautiful Beach

Phang-Nga bay is one of the most beautiful bays of the world. So it's not a surprise that many people visit the Ao Phang Nga bay. The best way to explore Phang Nga bay is by long tail motor boats or sea canoes. Phang Nga was originally inhabited by small communities and named Kraphu-nga.

Algarrobo, Beautiful Beach in Chile

Algarrobo is located in a sheltered bay, and over its hillocks there are summer houses. Its ocean is calm and all aquatic sports can be practiced. Algarrobo is also the headquarters for the main regattas in the coast. It has a yacht club and the Nautical Brotherhood of the Pacific, in an artificial bay.

Alhaure el Grande, Andalusia Tourisme

Alhaure el Grande is a town located in the province of Málaga in Andalusia in southern Spain, 30 km. from the provincial capital, and at 239 meters above the sea level. It is one of the most picturesque villages in the Guadalhorce river valley. Almost all the town streets are narrow and winding which these days causes some traffic congestion.

Patong Beach. Beautiful Beach Around Phuket

Patong Beach refers to a beach on Phuket's west coast, and to the town adjoining it. It is the main tourist resort in Phuket. It also contains an important center of Phuket's nightlife and is the center of inexpensive shopping on the island. The beach became popular with Western tourists, especially Europeans, in the late 1980s. Numerous large hotels and chain hotels are located there.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Galapagos Islands, Wonderful Island Around Equador

The Galapagos archipelago is best known for its amazing array of endemic species. These plants, invertebrates and vertebrate species have evolved over time due to isolated island life. Endemism is high in all living organisms on these islands from lichens, flowering plants, insects and land snails to finches, giant tortoises, iguanas and rats.

Donegal Castle, Beautiful Castle in Ireland

Donegal Castle (Irish: Caisleán Dhún na nGall) or O’Donnell’s Castle (Caisleán Uí Domhnaill) is a castle situated in the centre of Donegal town, County Donegal in the northwest of Ireland. For most of the last two centuries, the majority of the buildings were in ruins but the castle was almost fully restored in the late 1990s.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Traveling to Canada

Canada is one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world. It has many interesting cities, like Toronto, North Vancouver, Montreal or Halifax. But also some of the most impressive nature, which is great for outdoor activities, like hiking, skiing, rafting and fishing.

New South Wales, Beautiful State of Australia

New South Wales is one of Australia's premier tourist destinations. Sydney is the capital city and the most popular destinations within the state. Since the Olympics of the year 2000 Sydney has become one of Australia's most sought after destinations.

Singapoore, One Country With Elegant Life Style

Singapore is a popular travel destination, making tourism one of its largest industries. About 7.8 million tourists visited Singapore in 2006. The total visitor arrivals reached around 10.2 million in 2007. The Orchard Road shopping district is one of Singapore’s most well-known and popular tourist draws.